Arogi Law Office
Evanthia D. Varouni
Arogi Law Office
Evanthia D. Varouni

61, Iroon Polytechniou &
Sotiros Dios 13-15
Piraeus - Greece
Tel.: (+30) 210 4526422 - 3
Fax.: (+30) 210 4526180

Arogi Law Office was founded in 1998 by Evanthia Varouni, a lawyer with a twenty five years experience in the legal judicial practice. Through the appropriate internal structure and the distribution of specializing fields and with competent and experienced personnel, Arogi Law Office offers a wide range of legal and consulting services to its clientele.
Arogi Law Office provides comprehensive legal advice to companies conducting business in Greece, as well as, represantation before the Greek Courts. Our law office renders legal services to individuals and legal entities, such as several ship owning companies, many commercial companies involved in imports and exports of goods, corporations involved in the construction field or with the purchase and sale of real estate.
A substantial section of our firm's practice involves hearing up inheritances in Greece, including propation of wills and tax fillings. Our law firm is engaged in various cases, carrying out litigation and amicable settlements. We are the Piraeus correspondent of the AMYA International Law Firm with head office in Madrid and offices in Barcelona, Vigo, Valencia, Marbella, Las Palmas, Lisbon, Paris, Panama City, Buenos Aires and La Habana.
The attorneys of our law firm are experienced in the field each one is involved, always eager and efficient to carry out any case they deal with.
Greek, English, French, Italian and Spanish are fluently spoken.

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